Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Let's talk about work baby!

So I have that typical 9-5 day job - eight hours a day, five days a week.  Sometimes it can be fun or boring, challenging or tenuous, but mostly it flies by week after week with little recollection of how I got here and why I'm still sat at the same desk day in, day out.

My working life has always consisted of offering some sort of advice to those who are trying to change their own working lives, so I started writing employment tips at work (to fill the time). Hopefully this blog will consist of helpful tips for those who are looking for employment advice or maybe you will just check in every now and again to see how my own work life is progressing and changing!


  1. Great idea im lookin 4 advice & dunno wer 2 turn 2 as 2 old 4 connexions x

    1. Ah, you must live in England- In Wales we have an all ages careers service. What type of advice to you need hun? I'm sorting out a new email address for blogger today so you can message me through that if you want advice :)


  2. I graduated about three years ago in graphic design, and still no hope. I've decided that i should now look in other areas. Im currently working at the post office and i enjoy the government thing we do, but I also love organising things, and am good at thinking of ideas - i would love a job that involves both x